Non-Certified Staff
Maintenance Scott Davey
Lunch (HS) Michelle Mills   Asst. Maintenance Jim Morris
Paraprofessionals (Elem.) Heidi Hogstad   Elementary Custodian John Wegner
  Janelle Holten      
  Wendy Hould   M.S. Custodian Allen Viig
  Colleen Ryker   H.S. Custodian Mary Hajek
        Kyle Heiken
      Daytime Custodian / Lunch Driver Bob Hogg
Paraprofessionals (MS) Kelly Ault      
  Cary Frank  
  Amanda Zachery    
Paraprofessionals (HS)    
  Andy Gladney   Vickie Gibson
      Henry Connor
  Diane Manis   Joe Kern
  Michelle Mills    
  Stefanie Mullins    
Adult Education Coordinator
Title Aide (Elem.) Heidi Hogstad   Ann Sweeney
  Carrie Kluthe    
Office Staff
Bus Drivers
Business Manager Merridy Gauthier   #1 Flaherty Flat Seve Hill
Business Assistant Michele Mills (1/2 day)   #2 Rapelje Road Brett Hollingsworth
Elementary Secretary DeAnne Nelson   #3 Shane Creek Iven McCrorie
M.S. Secretary Dede Osgood   #4 Molt & East Laura Rustad
H.S. Secretary Lindsey Adams   #5 Whitebird/South Jeff Ruffatto
      #6 Countryman Creek Randy Meeker
Kitchen Staff
School Resource Officer
Sarah Peters, Head Cook     Gary Timm
Vonda Rader, Assistant Cook      
Lori Schlecty, Kitchen Helper      
Barb Svenson, Kitchen Helper      

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